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GORGON | France


GORGON is a SYMPHONIC DEATH METAL band, forged in dark / black metal athmospheres, ethnic music and colossal orchestrations. The band was created in 2013 by the composer and vocalist Paul Thureau. They released their debut album TITANOMACHY in May 2016 (self-produced & self-released). TITANOMACHY has received many excellent reviews, and it allowed the band to appear on many festivals and shows around Europe. The album has been featured in many magazines, webzines, radios and video podcasts internationally (Legacy, Rock Hard…) and got first 500 copies sold out in 1 year and more than 100k streams on digital platforms (Apple Music, Spotify…). In 2018 GORGON signs with italian label DUSKTONE, in order to release their Second Album ELEGY, out Nov. 2018. A new chapter for the band–more aggressive and darker than the previous one. ELEGY pushes further the boundaries of symphonic death metal, with massive choirs & orchestra, and a large ethnic musical vocabulary.

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