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Policy -  Since the beginning Dusktone has been keeping its ear to the ground and its head in the clouds in a selfless attempt to find new and known talented artists. So here’s a suggestion that will save you some postage and might even save a few trees: upload  your demos on-line at one of the many free music portals such as : Bandcamp, Reverbnation, Youtube, Soundcloud, your website, etc and simply fill the forma below compiling with all your infos.

Please DO NOT send download links, we prefer to have a first listen online. This will save a lot of time of both of us.

The tracks must be of good quality and complete, all demos received by Dusktone are listened to. 

In brief :

- DO NOT attach MP3s in an email. 
- DO NOT send music without any other information. 
- DO NOT send music that's already been released digitally, unless it's a known release deserving of a physical re-issue.
- DO NOT send music that's been released on CD by another label and ask us to release it on vinyl : we ONLY release vinyl for bands exclusively on our label.
- DO include social links, bio, band photo(s), show/tour history, and other info.
- DO include a stream from soundcloud, bandcamp, youtube or similar streaming service for review. 

Do not be dissapointed if we are not able to give a feedback immediately. We try to answer to all contact we get and of course if we are interested in your music, we will get in touch with you.

Thanks for submitting!


Thanks for submitting!

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