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Gorgon 'Elegy'

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File : Symphonic Black Death metal


"ELEGY" is a tribute to Women; The lyrical concept embraces the correlation between the creation of the Universe and the embryo forming in the womb; This album is all about breaking the thin line between dualities, such Science and Spirituality - Alpha and Omega - Life and Death - Women and Men. Every song is unique and has its own story, placing strong symbologies of Women in the center of the storyline: from Eve to Pandora, from Hecate to Virgin Mary.

Music-wise, this new studio effort is a very violent yet sensitive work: high tempos, black metal guitar riffing and extreme metal drumming, merging with ancient, melancholic and slow oriental melodies. For this record, producer Jussi Kulomaa, created a dense and powerful mix, that yet manages to feel truly warm and intimate.

Concerning the guests, Tunisian singer Safa Heraghi (Dark Fortress, Devin Townsend Project, Schammasch) was invited to perform on every song, bringing an extremely emotional and melancholic touch to the whole record. Felipe Munoz (Finntroll, Frosttide) and Jussi Kulomaa
helped shaping the synths and pads sounds for the album.

The mastermind behind GORGON, Paul Thureau, gives some clues about "Elegy" album :

"The amount of work accomplished for this record was just insane. We wanted to completely change our direction and sound, and so we did. Compared to our previous works, we totally embraced the oriental / arabic influences we already were using in our music, but this time we
dared to push it in a way we never did before.

We decided to take risks - as we wanted reach beyond the traditional epic/symphonic metal standards; "ELEGY" aims an emotional and touching experience, and that's something one would not expect from an extreme death / black metal record." 




1. Origins

2. Under a Bleeding Moon

3. Nemesis

4. The Plagues

5. Into The Abyss

6. Ishassara

7. Of Divinity and Flesh

8. Elegy

Gorgon 'Elegy'

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