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V/A "Audio Introspections for Apocalyptic Minds"

"Audio Introspection for apocalyptic minds" is the first official Dusktone label compilation giving a nearly complete overview of the bands featured on Dusktone roster from 2015 to 2017.

Brief passages of tragic beauty, scattered throughout an abyss roiling with relentless gloomy sounds all writhing together into another exhilarating descent into total devilish delirium from this deep outfit.

The release comes exquisitely packaged in a beautiful digipack CD and available at very special price. It is a must buy and deserves a place in each cd-shelf.


1. Neige at Noirceur - II L'hiver de force 
2. Scuorn - Virgilio Mago
3. Acrosome - First Step On To The World
4. Cold Body Radiation - At sea 
5. Cwealm - Wither, Tainted Crown    
6. Svartelder - Askebundet 
7. Black Hate - Aneetmaa 
8. Kvalvaag - Malum 
9. Terra deep - The Navigator 
10. Phobonoid - Alpha Centauri 
11. Escarre - Heurt violine 
12. Opera IX - Consecration 

V/A "Audio Introspections for Apocalyptic Minds"

€ 4,90Price
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