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Until Death Overtakes Me 'AnteMortem'

. Jewel Case CD


File : Funeral Doom


Through 4 tracks mixing funeral doom with ambient and darkwave, Until Death Overtakes Me explores the idea of life being incomplete unless it passes death's threshold.
Antemortem (before death) is not a glorification of death, but focusses on the path to it. Life with its pains and terrors might long for the end, but could just as well explore the freedom that comes with accepting the inevitable.
The contrast between heavy distorted guitars and ethereal ambient melodies mirrors life, but offers an open ending - is life a pained struggle, where one is shoved forwards, closer to death all the time, forcing one to blindly squeeze as much meaning out of every moment, or is it rather a calm stream that gently carries one to the completion of a journey that's best experienced with eyes wide open, regardless of what may come after? More likely, both aspects remain at play : primal instincts balanced by intelligent rationality.

Antemortem is the first Until Death Overtakes Me album after a long hiatus, and forms a bridge between the periods before and after this break.
The track 'Before' dates back to late 2003, 'Days Without Hope' is based on a track that's even older by several years, and best marks the point in time where Until Death Overtakes Me went from darkwave/doom to ambient funeral doom. On the other hand there are the tracks 'The Wait' and 'Inevitability', both from 2016. 'The Wait' is more a experimental, almost mechanical sounding epic, while 'Inevitability' is an instrumental marking the acceptance of the concept of 'Antemortem', as well as its conclusion. 




1. Before

2. Days Without Hope

3. The Wait

4. Inevitability

Until Death Overtakes Me 'AnteMortem'

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