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Flukt "Omen ov Darkness"

Release date : 25 October 2023

In 2019 "Darkness Devour", their first album, revealed the potential of Flukt, a Norwegian act devoted to aggressive black metal. Four years later, they're ready to unleash their second effort, "Omen Ov Darkness".Flukt are capable, through the eight tracks of "Omen Ov Darkness", to create a solid blend of two of the major schools of black metal sound from Scandinavia.


There's the violence and the rawness of Mayhem and Gorgoroth, but also an evident attention to dark melodies of acts such as Setherial and the never forgotten Dissection."Omen Ov Darkness" was Mixed and mastered by Audun Grønnestad at Mayhem Music studio ( and the dark cover artwork was done by Moonring art design.The lyrics are dark, rooted in pessimism, introspection and self-destruction, but they also deal with cultural and historical themes such as Second World War, religious myths and occultism.


The first two singles, out at the end of August and September, clearly demonstrate that, though they can be considered loyal bearers of the tradition, Flukt deliver a refreshing personal take of the Scandinavian sound!

Flukt "Omen ov Darkness"

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