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Cwealm 'Odes to no Hereafter'

. Jewel case CD (w/ Booklet)


File : Swedish melodic black metal


There was a golden age in the mid-90s when Sweden has created a real musical genre also called Swedish melodic death black metal movement. Following Dissection masters, a series of extremely interesting bands (like Unanimated, Sacramentum, Vinterland, Mörk Gryning, Lord belial etc.) largely promoted by the cult label no fashion Records have taken hold. Melody, power, great technical compositions and glacial atmospheres were the common denominators of this new sound, the same one that tody masterfully succeeds in reviving CWEALM, Swedish one-man band, with the debut album 'Odes to No hereafter '.

For Astraeus, in fact, sole member of Cwealm, the past is indeed alive. Musically influenced by anything dark and sombre – be it gregorian chants, Spanish guitar or bleak circus music – his main roots lie in the black/death metal scene of the 1990’s; particularly in Scandinavia.

He created Cwealm in 2014. Having had musical ideas for a long time, suddenly everything fell into place. No bland retro affair, it pays homage to the masters of yore by deconstructing their essence into a fresh and compelling synthesis. Aggressive yet fiercely melodic, Cwealm also is a subtly technical undertaking.
Lyric-wise an occult misanthropy is ever-present. Astraeus has put into odic words his deepest personal wish – for the end of it all. Since, as the misanthrope E. M. Cioran would have it:

“Life is nothing; death, everything.”




1. Saktmörkret

2. Pale Maleficence

3. Wither, Tainted Crown

4. Serpent of Rebirth

5. Black Gall (Poisoned Arrows)

6. Nidhuggs Hymn

7. The Transcendent One

8. Kadavret

9. Ödesdödens Kalk

Cwealm 'Odes to no Hereafter'

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