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Black Hate 'Through the Darkness'

- Digipack CD (w/Booklet)


File: Avantgarde death black metal


Four long years since the last album "los tres mundos" have passed and finally Black Hate are back with a new sound masterpiece entitled "Through the Darkness".

This album Evokes the great power of Enki and Nammu Worships the greatest mother with seven tracks in conspiration against the human being.
The new Black Hate work is a Cvlt to the great Namma and the ancestral gods.
Bringing Back The forgotten word of Enki, this album is The purest representation of the Dark legacy and the continuation of Los Tres Mundos album, but in the most obscurece form.

Urushdaur ritual for purification Through the flames, only the fire can Bring us Back.

The power, the darkness and the magical introspection are the ingredients of this new chapter of the most important Mexican black metal band. You cannot miss it.




1. Intro

2. Aneetmaa

3. Kazudijirzu

4. Fuego / Viento

5. Through the Darkness

6. C.O.C.D 04:15

7. Aneetmaa (Original edit)

Black Hate 'Through the Darkness'

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