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Anamnesi "La Proiezione Del Fuoco

. Jewel Csse CD (w/booklet)


File : Solar Metal



Active since 2009, Anamnesi is a one-man-metal band coming from Sardinia, Italy.


The Project was formed by Emanuele Prandoni who is also part of different bands like Simulacro, AccabbadorA, Vultur, Utopica, Absentia Lunae, Grind Zero, Progenie Terrestre Pura.


Anamnesi has released three studio albums so far; the first and the second one were published by Naturmacht Productions in a very limited edition and characterized by a classical black metal/ambient mood, then pushed aside with the third opus "Erimanto", in favour of a more italian black metal attitude, starting from the lyrics.


Now indeed, all the concepts are expressed in italian language only, relating to a more "positive" attitude with references to Plato, Ancient Greece and mediterranean cultures, the cult of Mithras in particular.


The point of the project is to completely express E.P.'s personal vision of Music and emotional states combined with atmospheres and melodies of an epic italian "swedish-oriented" black/death metal, simply summarized by the artist in "Solar Metal", also for the lyrics subject.


"La proiezione del Fuoco" consists of seven passages to celebrate the phases of initiation to the mistery cult of the solar deity Mithra. There¹s an incredible amount of exploratory thought behind this new album that make this one of Anamnesi¹s most ambitious projects to date. It is a collection of power and delicacy that transpires from every track impregnated with great compositional technique, epicity and tradition. "La proiezione del Fuoco" has entirely made in summer 2015 at Ex Oblivion Studio mixed and mastered by Fabrizio Sanna, surrounded by a monumental 24 pages booklet artwork designed by @Francesco Gemelli, featuring the first Anamnesi photosession made by Valeria Spiga at the Antas Temple of Fluminimaggiore (Sardinia).




1 - Origine Prima

2 - Fautor Imperii

3 - La Proiezione Del Fuoco

4 - La Precessione Degli Equinozi

5 - Lo Ierofante Dei Misteri

6 - Apathanatismos

7 - I Sette Raggi Del Myste

Anamnesi "La Proiezione Del Fuoco

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