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Until Death Overtakes Me



The earliest concepts for UDOM go as far back as 1997, but it wasn't until 1999 that the first actual tracks came into existence. This early music had a few things in common with dark & experimental folk/ambient and gradually evolved towards dark & gothic metal. A first, ultra-limited CDr demo release happened in 2001, shortly followed by another album and then a re-release of the first demo. By then, UDOM's sound had moved towards a combination of slow doom metal and ambient/wave. Over the years that followed, UDOM self-released a few more albums, but there were also several released on labels. During that time, many side projects, all with their own releases, saw the light as well. Mid 2011 saw the start of a long break, lasting until late 2015. During that time nothing was released, and only a few things were made in the background. With the start of 2016, so begun a new form of UDOM (also called UDOM mk2). The hope is to get back to what i enjoy doing the most : making unconvential dark & ambient music, but in a simpler and more efficient way of working.

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