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Having allowed it to remain dormant for a few years, founder and frontman Doedsadmiral has given his black metal project Svartelder a considerable infusion of both enthusiasm and talent by bringing in members of Carpathian Forest, In The Woods, Den Saakaldte, Pantheon I and Old Forest to form a new line-up. Whilst Svartelder's roots were initially planted in Norwegian black metal, it is obvious that an influx of musicians with this kind of experience brings with it a whole different set of influences, as each of the members contribute their own skill-sets and style to the overall sound. As to the actual line-up itself, the musicians have kept their identities a secret by changing their usual names. Aside from Doedsadmiral on vocals, the rest of the lineup comprises Maletoth on bass and guitars, AK-47 on drums, and Kobold on keys.

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