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OPERA IX | Italy



Opera IX was born in 1988 by the perverse mind of Ossian. In 1990 they realize the first demo tape "Gothik". After many changes of line-up, the band reaches a certain stability with Cadaveria at the voice, Ossian at the guitar ,Vlad at the bass and Flegias at the drums. The sound switches from an "occult metal" to an atmosferic mix of Doom Death and Black. The second demo DEMO 92,containing 4 cult songs, makes the band known in the entire underground scene and brings a contract for a 7" EP,came out in 1993. the first 500 copies are sold out in only 2 months. In the meantime the band realizes a video tape "The triumph of the Death" containing 2 videos; the great success obtained pushes the band to include it on the merchandise, even if it was conceived only for promotion. At the end of 1993, Silent Bard, a musician of classic background, joins the line-up. With his keybords the band explores those new atmospheres, more etereal and grim, belonging to "The call of the Wood". It's a full album on cd, out in 1995 under Miscarriage Records, containing 5 long songs: about 60 minutes of dark emotions to reach the most occult dimensions of human and superhuman existency, under the sign of pure obscurity and the first pagan footsteps. 11156292_845455402169034_3636835055288219579_nAfter the coming out of the cd Opera IX changes the keyboard, the new member Triskent celebrates the traditions of the old pagan religion throughout the keyboards and guitar synth. "Awakening" the compilation cd is out for the American label Dwell Records. Opera IX partecipates with the inedit "My devotion" (info: Dwell Records- PO BOX 39439- los Angeles-Ca 90039). For the same label the Opera partecipates to " A call to Irons" an Iron Maiden tribute cd. The cover chosen by the band is " Rime of the ancient mariner". Among the other bands Vital Remains and Absu. April 1998: the new cd "Sacro Culto" for the Belgian Shiver Records The songs (6 in total for the duration of 70 minutes)are more epic and black compared to the earlier production and the sound is a bit less contemplative. The keyboards are now played by Lunaris which worthly replaced the previous keyboard player, Turned out from the band because of ideologic misunderstandings. The production comes out definitely better than that of "The Call of the Wood" both for sound quality and artwork. The cd is indeed presented in digipack. From "sacro Culto" is realized the video "Fronds of the Ancient Walnut". It 's available, together with 4 live songs on "Live at Babylonia". Sound and video quality is assured! Finally with the year 2000 the Opera IX step forward in quality signing for Avantgardemusic, excellent label that totally embraces the expectations of the band that in January records, at the Undergrund studios in Sweden,the third chapter of their history "The black opera, simphoniae misteriorum in laude tenebrarum"an emotional concept album of pure atmospheric and epic black metal, the best production ever had so far. Thanks to the great work of the label, both for promotion and distribution, the black opera reaches the 18000 copies sold. In september 2001 Avantgardemusic reprints The call of the wood, finally remasterized, with a new grafic and 2 bonus tracks Rimes about dying stones and Born in the grave. Because of problems of musical and spiritual nature Flegias and Cadaveria leave the band to form a personal musical project and the Opera IX rediscover, in Taranis drums, and Madras vocals, the enthusiasm of old times and the filosofic-esoteric toghetherness, a very important factor for the soul of the band. unnamed (1)A new chapter unfolds in the story of Opera IX with the fourth album entitled Maleventum, a concept about witchcraft and paganism, plunged in a much more aggressive and epic sound than the earlier works. The recording of Maleventum will take place in January 2002 at the Damage inc studios in Ventimiglia. The 21 September Madras and Taranis leaves band for several problems. In this time the Band was completing the agreement of the new album " Anphisbena". The project Opera IX not only is a musical concept but a marriage of art and religion where a style of life prevails on the daily life of modern man. The Opera IX walks along the occult roads of the old pagan knowledge troughout meditation and rites. They explore the dark meanders surrounding the men, travelling through old legends, forgotten traditions and superstitions.... The real essence of Opera IX is hidden in their lirics and in the music they compose, nothing else is worth saying. About their believes, Opera Ix onour the celtic Gods and the powers of Nature,but, above all, they strongly believe in the power of their minds and spirits, in the energy inside everyone. In the december of 2003 Opera IX complete the new line up with M the bard vocals and Dalamar drums. In the february 2006 Lunaris go out from Opera IX line up to explore other musical sides, and in the october 2006 Opera IX completed the new line up with a session keyboards player. And the legend continue....

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