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In 1998, OLD FOREST was formed in a pact of mutual understanding ; to preserve the underground cult spirit of Black Metal as it should be. The debut demo 'Of Mists and Graves' was self-released, and led to a handfull of offers from reputable Black Metal labels to release the debut album. After the second demo 'The Kingdom of Darkness' was recorded, OLD FOREST set about recording their debut album 'Into The Old Forest' for the obscure Black Metal label 'Mordgrimm Records'. The album was universally hated by commercial magazines for it's retrospective sound and image (recieving a respectful 1/10 in the UK's 'Terrorizer magazine'). This cemented OLD FOREST's place as the undisputed leaders of anti-commercial Cult Black Metal. A second album was recorded in 1999 ('None More Black'), but this was never released. The band was placed on hiatus and the master tapes for the unreleased album were buried in the New Forest in Hampshire. In 2007, OLD FOREST reactivated to once again to continue their crusade of anti-commercial Cult Black Metal, to fly in the face of the current trends that had alienated hardcore Black Metal fans. OLD FOREST re-released all of their demo recordings as free digital downloads via, to re-aquaint the old fans, and for OLD FOREST to act as a flag-bearer for a new crusade of anti-commercial Cult Black Metal. They then began work on writing and recording the 'Tales of the Sussex Weald' trilogy of EPs for new anti-commercial record label DEATH TO MUSIC Productions. In 2010, the 3rd and final part of the trilogy is released, along with parts 1 and 2, on the full-length album 'Tales of the Sussex Weald' (with a playing time of over 1 hour). The black flame continues to burn..

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