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HOVMOD | Norway



HOVMOD, previously known as Gravkors, is a black metal band formed in Toten, Norway by Kleven back in 2013. Later the same year, Ond joined on drums and the band started to record what would be the band’s first release, a split with the act Likvann released through Werewolf Promotions in 2014. After the split-release, Kleven started to write the music for the band’s first full-length album. When the songwriting was complete in 2017, the band was reborn as HOVMOD. HOVMOD is one of the seven deadly sins, and it represents aggression, rage, pride and the opposite of humility- something that reflects in HOVMOD’S music. The name Gravkors lives on in Kleven’s studio, “Gravkors Studios”, which is where the bands upcoming full-length album named “Doedsformasjon” was recorded in 2018. The album was later mixed by Dennis at Clintworks Mixing And Mastering, and mastered by Dan at Unisound AB. “Doedsformasjon” is a release inspired by different elements from the genre, the members’ musical inspiration and the old Gravkors sound. With this, HOVMOD have taken their music to a whole new level compared to the split back in 2014.

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