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It all started in the fourteenth year of the twenty-first century, in a land that was once the domain of the Serenissima Republic of Venice, a land that has always been a crossroads of exotic cultures from all over the known world. It all started from the need to tell those stories through the language of music. Classical music is filtered through the language of extreme metal, and vice versa. Through music, the dramatic themes in the lyrics are evoked and made alive and palpable. And what greater inspiration than the works of the great composers of European romanticism? If Wagner had lived in the 21st century, would he have written metal music? Probably. But if he had written metal music it would almost certainly have been similar to this kind of metal! Attending a HARKANE concert means being raped by lashing sounds, being raised in the Olympus and then being plunged into the most horrid abyss and, in the end, being swallowed up by darkness. Because being part of HARKANE is a philosophical choice. A philosophy that is reflected not only in the music itself, but also in the visual aspect, in the gloomy theatricality of the stylistic choices. PAIMON - vocals, guitars, orchestra KVARN - guitars, vocals AYSSELA - bass, piano, vocals DAMNED - drums, percussion

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