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Hanormale was born in 2009 due to a psycho project by Arcanus Incubus (w/ Mysticall Fullmoon: 1997-2015, w/EXM93: 1996-2014, w/Labyrinthus Noctis since 2003 and since 2008 also w/ eclectic Deviate Damaen) In 2010, the first album of the band (in those old days formed by the only A.I.) comes to the light. The title of the album is “Oni Monogatari”, and we are in front of a concept about Japanese Demonology. Each of the 12 tracks, as a matter of fact, is dedicated to the story of a Japanese Demon. Despite the album has been composed and tracked in a rush, it receives top reviews and is being talked about in the Italian Black Metal Underground Circuit. Even though A.I. is the only effective member of the band, we cannot talk about a one man band, since the founder member keeps going on his way, creating his alter egos, giving them name and image. The pictures within the booklet, of course, show a band of 4 elements (drums, bass, keyboards and vocals&guitars). Time passes before the inspiring Muse whispers into A.I.’s ear suggesting a new absurd plan for Hanormale. Time has come for a brand new album, with one only track lasting 40 minutes. All shall be completely spontaneous and sound quite acoustic, so to show a concrete detachment from the plastic surrounding the extreme black metal scene. No sooner said than done. A.I. contacts drummer Marco Zambruni (memorable drummer of grinder Brainwash) asking him if he could play a skunk beat at 170 bpm for 40 minutes without a break. Marco accepts the challenge and after some training time, the two guys meet and record the drum tracks. A.I. had already planned to lead the whole work of recording and production, so the tracking of the drum took place at A.D.S.R. Incubus Studios. Marco, metronome in ear through headphone, and inspired by a video previously arranged by Fabrizio Speranza showing disturbing visions, so records his part, 40 minutes, good first take! Then comes the industrial percussionist Jeko (who shares with A.I. the project “Idiufaust”): cans, bins, bollards, wood, metal, plastic, all is beaten for 40 minutes, drums in ear and in vision the same disturbing collage of visions of the friend - director Fabrizio Speranza. Once again, good first take! For the bass, A.I. calls Stefano Palma (who had been for some years with A.I. in the Goth-Doom band Labyrinthus Noctis) who, listening to the preceding tracks, extemporizes 40 minutes with his instrument, running the risk of entering the no return abyss of madness. At this rate other musicians played, such as: Federico D’Ercole - piano, Emiliano Bazzoni - sax, Ilario Curiale - flute, Priscilla Panzeri - viola, Orazio Attanasio - violin (an only 3-strings violin!), Igor Carravetta and Kriss Stefano Guasconi - didgeridoo, and, last bt not least, G/Ab (Deviate Damaen) extemporized an acting in Italian language, recording immersed in the snow on the peaks of a mountain, surrounding by Nature and nothing more. The mixing was arranged by A.I. at Incubus Studios, trying to keep all the material as it has been recorded, without the copy and paste and sound plasticity. Finally some guitar tracks and some ethnic percussions, played by A.I. himself, have been added, as well as some vocal samples obtained by decomposing some vocal recordings of Die Dref Recumry

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