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BRISEN | Italy



Brisen was the first italian black metal band of nordic style born in 1990 with the name of DUNGEON (elymas: guitar, unborn guitar & bass and malignancy drums & voice) they released their first demo tape "bleeding cross" (3 songs plus venom covers) that gets a great success in the underground of those years, but soon after many personal incompatibilities malignancy left the band.

Elymas and unborn formed BRISEN (elymas: guitar/voice, unborn: guitar & bass and a session man on drums) in 1991/92 they released their first demo tape "holocaust sky" (4 pieces of quality atmospheric black metal) and it was a success, as soon as they received the first offers to release a cd.

Shortly before recording their debut album arymon or dario casabona (schizo) joined the band. In 1995 holocaust rec. released "shade of soul" the long awaited album and the response has been really huge in Italy and whole europe and important labels pushed BRISEN to release the second album but mysteriously, instead of riding the positive moment, BRISEN broke up.

Thirteen years later, in 2008, elymas, unborn and arymon met again and decided to continue what they had left behind. They went back into the studio with the help of fog (a mysterious musician who is now an integral part of the band) and recorded "madre tenebra" (four pieces of horror black metal sung in italian) which will be released in september/october 2009 by mexican satanic records.

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