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Founded by B.G. Ikanunna during the year MMVI as a one-man-band, Black Hate released several splits and demos between MMVI and MMIX before disbanding for a short period of time. After an one year long hiatus Black Hate returned in MMX with new material and recorded the first full length release "Years Of Solitude" as well as "Remains Of My Life" - a compilation tape of older songs. After these recordings B.G. decided to change the ideology as well as the lyrically and musically direction of Black Hate. This new step was finally revealed on the "Shadows of Tragedy" split which was released by Self Mutilation Services in MMXI. In late MMXI B.G. composed the second and last Black Hate album as a one-man-project. "Los Tres Mundos" has been unleashed upon this world in August MMXII through Dusktone. "L.T.M." marks the final move away from the depressive towards a more avantgarde style of black metal. From MMXII on Black Hate will continue composing and recording as a band with a full grown line-up consisting of B.G. Ikanunna on vocals and Guitars, Possessed on guitar, Edd (Disgorge, Raped God666, Hell Execution) on bass and O Executioner on drums. On the 2014 Edd and O Executioner leave the band, recording just one song with B.g Ikanunna called C.O.C.D

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