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What will remain is nothing but only ashes. And their infernal purification manifests only through Fire. It all started in the lands surrounding Turin in late 1998. In the magickal eternal town well know for his occult and sinister aura, the triangle of flames took form with the union of m:A Fog at drums, Cardinale Italo at vocals and guitars and Serpentrax at bass. The primordial years of underground militance, letters, pacts, congregations with other bands, gave birth to the first demo "Welcome" in 2001, and the infamous "Orgiastic Funeral” in 2002, which nowadays is still seen as a depraved underground cult gem between maniacs and collectors. Those two releases gathered the attention of the sinister Sombre Records label, that released, in late 2002, a 7" entitled "From Ashes I'll reborn" and that went sold out with the same rapidity that fire generates ashes. The musical, lyrical and spiritual rebellion burning in Black Flame as always resulted in a genuine and prosperous productivity in the early years: in 2003 the self-released album "The Third Revelation" was served as an offering to the darkness and as a tribute to the real originators of musical occultism, the vocalist Wildness Perversion from the seminal Mortuary Drape participated in his own band's cover of “Abbot". 2004: "Torment and Glory, 2006: "Conquering Purity", 2008 "Imperivm", Black Flame forged and endless and merciless flow of sonic rituals, which peaked with the release of “Imperivm” by Forces of Satan Records, label owned by Infernus of Gorgoroth. Through this central part of their path to the ashes of purification, many live masses are celebrated around Europe. "Septem", released by Behemoth Prod. in 2011 was the obscure manifesto of an intact spiritual will, the number seven, the seventh release since demo days. Satanismo Calibro 9 participated as guests in the album, taking care of all the industrial and intro inserts. In 2011 the former bass player Serpentrax left the band to be replaced by Gnosis, from Satanismo Calibro 9 and Mystical Fullmoon. In 2015, through Avantgarde Music, Black Flame released “The Origin of Fire”, probably their most critically well-received and celebrated album - with guests appearance by P.K. from Abigor and Iscariah from Dead to this World. After some live manifestations the Black Flame returned to the ashes status and started to work at “Necrogenesis: Chants from the Grave” with a new bass player: Silent. The release of the album is set for Spring 2019, an european tour will follow.

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