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Phobonoid "Phobonoid"

Phobonoid’s first full lenght is a sci-fi concept album about the invasion of the Solar System’s ruins by the Alpha Centauri army.

Black, doom, industrial. The album is the natural evolution of Phobonoid’s first EP “Orbita”, expanding Phobonoid’s personal universe in a even more violent and evil direction.

Mastered by Karl Daniel Liden, the 40 minutes long self titled album has been recorded and mixed by Phobonoid during winter 2014/2015, and features original cover art done by the great sci-fi artist Bob Layzell.


Come to Phobos and embrace the Cosmic Entropy.


Distant flames, overlapping in the cloud of time.

Winning today to get lost tomorrow. Does it really matter?

Under the pall of mummified bodies lies the answer.




1. Crono

2. Alpha Centauri

3. La Sonda Di Phobos

4. Fuga Nel Vuoto

5. Eris

6. Vento Stellare

7. La Risonanza Della Sonda

8. Kairos

9. Pulse

10. Frammenti Di Luce

11. Tachyon

12. Phobonoid

Phobonoid "Phobonoid"

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