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Phobonoid is a one mand band from Phobos.
With a musical background in the DIY punk/hc/noise/metal scene, Phobonoid is a musical and cinematic journey through the darkest part of the extreme sounds, blending black metal, doom, industrial and electronic sounds from the outer space. Except for the mastering (done by Karl Daniel Liden at the Tri-Lamb Studios in Stockholm) everything has been self-produced in Phoboinoid’s home-studio, since the production
itself is an active part of the project.

“Orbita” is a concept album about the end of the civilization on Mars, witnessed by Phobos (intended both as the satellite and the impersonification of the God of Fear). The music and the plot move together through the 20 minutes lenght of the EP, where finally Phobos meets his brother Deimos on the destroyed surface of Mars.

This will be just the first part of the journey, as Man’s inner nature never changes: it’s a cycle that always ends up with its own self-destruction.


released December 25, 2013


€ 5,90Price
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