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Opera IX 'The Gospel'

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File : Cult Occult black metal


The wait is over !
The new studio album "The Gospel" by the legendary Opera IX is finally released after six long years by the previous "Strix - Maledictae in Aeternum".

Opera IX certainly do not need presentation, they have been true initiators of Italian occult black metal since the early 90s. With assets of seven full length albums, Opera IX has become one of the best-known Italian band abroad successfully crossing national borders in time. They released music for renowned labels such as Peaceville, Avantgarde Music, Agonia and then landed at Dusktone in 2014

The Gospel is a concept album focused on the Italian myth of "Aradia And The Gospel Of The Witches", written by Charles Godfrey Leland and containing what he believed was the religious text of a group of pagan witches in Tuscany, Italy, documenting their beliefs and rituals.

The album includes nine masterfully composed tracks with sounds that represent a bit of a "return to the past" in terms of dark, mystical and occult atmospheres and sees the inclusion of a new witch on vocals (Dipsas Dianaria) that forges with its powerful and ritual voice every track keeping intact the Opera IX trademark in years.

Acoustic parts, classical ones, raging rides and mystical deadlifts make The Gospel a true masterpiece that manages to repay the long wait of all the fans around the globe that have always claimed a new album with such emotional charge remained unchanged in years

The new album has been recorded and mastered at both Music Ink and Occultum Studios, produced by Ossian and Federico Pennazzato (Death SS).

Treat it with care and respect as only the legends deserve. 


The Gospel

Chapter Ii

Chapter Iii

Moon Goddess

House Of The Wind

The Invocation

Queen Of The Serpents



Opera IX 'The Gospel'

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