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Opera IX "Back to Sepulcro"




Exactly twenty years after the release of their first album The Call of the Wood, Opera IX rerelease some of the most significant pieces of their history, each one taken from different albums, starting from their first.

Back to Sepulcro is a collection aimed at highlighting the origins of the band by taking advantage of a total lineup change which sees a return to a witchgirl frontwoman after 13 years of militant male vocals leading from the historic split with Cadaveria.

There are only two new songs- Consacration, and the first part of The Cross- which lead into the rest of Back to Sepulcro. The other songs are milestones like Sepulcro, The Oak, The First Seal, Maleventum, all in new rerecorded versions with orchestrations worthy of the occult allure of Opera IX and aboveall with a vocalist who newly consecrates the band under the sign of the purest witchcraft. In the words of Ossian: "A return to the true esoteric essence of the earliest years, without any compromise."


The new lineup sees firstly the confirmation of keyboardist Alexandros as an official member of the band, after having played as a session musician for Strix. m:A Fog (Black Flame, Janus,Dead to this World) picks up the drumsticks alongside his mate, rhythmic bassist Scurs. Meanwhile on vocals there's a new character, Abigail Dianaria, a young and promising extreme singer. They are all old fans of this band, because to play in Opera IX, you need aboveall to love the band love it in your blood and with your soul.


Back to Sepulcro was recorded at Ossian's Occultum Studios and Federico Pennazzato's Authoma Studios over January and February 2015 and is released on Dusktone.




1. Sepulcro

2. The Oak

3. Act I,The first seal

4. Maleventum

5. Consacration

6. The cross (Outro)

Opera IX "Back to Sepulcro"

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