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Omega 'Eve'

. digipack CD (w/ Booklet)


File : Black | Doom | Ambient


Eve is not a simply album, it is rather a subconscious experience, an atavistic expression that tends to destroy our deepest convictions, which are always limiting and promising.

Cleverly based on the mysterious Voynich manuscripts, the OMEGA with this monumental work manage to bring us into the world of shadows, where everything appears in its mystical essence, but at the matter of fact you just glimpse it ..

Written in the 14th century is considered the most mysterious book in the world, so today it is not possible to understand what this book really does.

Eve is absolutely a journey into that abyss, interspersed in hyperspace, the home of the great ancients and from there conceiving the strange sounds of the ancient dance of the universe.

Where other forms of life are conscious of themselves. The place where things are not what they seem, but everything is just mentioned and the mind can take other directions to get lost beyond the boundaries of the person.

OMEGA sound a mix of Atmospheric Black, Doom and Dark Ambient. The band's aim is to create an obsessive and oppressive atmosphere, a journey to bring the listener to a dark place away from reality, a visionary and annihilating dimension..

OMEGA was formed in 2012 by some members of already active bands (Hanging Garden, Nostalgie, Deadly Carnage, Ashes of Chaos). During the first four years of activity, the band decided to work on their music without any presence on the web and without exposing them to the public. 




1 - Arboreis

2 - Sidera

3 - Mater

4 - Laudanum

Omega 'Eve'

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