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Old Forest 'Black Forest of Eternal Doom'

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File: Cult Progressive Black Metal


In June 2019, OLD FOREST has released their 5th full-length, "Black forests of eternal doom", via Dusktone

Comprising 6 monstrous extreme metal anthems that bulge with irresistible melodic hooks, bursts of thrilling savagery and moments of spine-tingling dynamic drama, "Black forests of eternal doom", is the result of the huge surge of creativity and a collective desire to keep moving forward with no compromise.

After their 2015 album on Avantgarde Music "Dagian", in 2018, Old Forest began work on whatwas to become their 5th album on Dusktone; Recorded as an ode to the darker thoughts of the solitary mind, this album is equal parts Early 90s Black Metal (Emperor and Dark Throne) and equal parts Epic Doom (in the vein of Candlemass and early Paradise Lost).

6 Tracks of woeful despair, with haunting vocals and dense guitars to pull the soul down into an oubliette of depression and, eventually, suicide. This album should be seen as the depressive alter-ego to it's member's other band In The Woods (Kobold & Kobro).

There are bands that exceed time and fashions and above all that have left an indelible mark since the 90s. One of these is definitely OLD FOREST that since the legendary debut album "Into the Old Forest" (Mordgrimm / Cacophonous Records) have shown what it means to compose qualitative, dark and revolutionary music.


Track listing:

1. Subterranean Soul

2. Wastelands of Dejection

3. Black Forests of Eternal Doom

4. Shroud of my Dreams

5. A Spell upon Thee

6. Hang'ed Man


Dusk053 | 8003981020236 

Release date : 21 June 2019 

Old Forest 'Black Forest of Eternal Doom'

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