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Lost Inside "Mourning wept beside me"

Lost Inside plays a certain type of music that
sounds like no other, the atmosphere it sets is
perfect for any type of mood. The songs will leave
you with a haunted feeling, a feeling of utter bliss
towards everything around you. The music can be
interpreted into many different feelings, but above
all you will feel the artist's pain just as he feels it,
the hollowness he feels.
Biography :
Formed originally as a solo project ok Kold to express
my lack of feeling, he released two demos in 2009
entitled ''Endless Denial'' and ''Never Again'' later
combined with three previously unreleased tracks to
create a full length compilation entitled ''No Place In
Life'' released by Corkra Productions. After that i
recruited a vocalist (Faulnis) and recorded ''Cold Days''
full length which was released by Solitude And Despair
Music. After that Kold was lacking in vocal assistance
and wanted to do something a bit different so i recorded
a few instrumental tracks and self released them as an
EP called ''Sullen Reflections''a few months later he
was contacted by Pest Productions for a full length
which he did, it is entitled ''Alone In The Wind''. It is an
all instrumental release except for one track that has vocals that were provided by a friend (R.) 


released June 10, 2011

Lost Inside "Mourning wept beside me"

€ 9,90Price
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