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Harkane "Fallen King Simulacrum"

Shipping date : 20 November 2020
Format : Digipack CD (w/16page Booklet)

Monumental symphonic death metal fire-starters HARKANE are known for their incredible storytelling that coalesces perfectly into an unbreakable bond with their music HARKANE arise from gloomy north italian underground movement are ready to start a new, mesmerizing journey with Dusktone.

Their music exposes a multifaceted barrage of coalescing poignant and orchestral parts, exploding in a unique, yet tremendous atmosphere. The song switches effortlessly between black metal-inspired segments and monumental death metal riffage, closing with stunning somber passages.

These eerie and terrible stories, that come from an ancient and dark past, have inspired the majestic, monumental, dramatic, impetuous and gloomy music of HARKANE...

Listening to the music of HARKANE the listener will enter overwhelmingly into ancient legends, mythological wars and olden divinities. This second single is replete with astonishing marvels to horrify and enthrall all who might encounter their majesty.

1.Requiem for a heretic
4.Hidden amongst the ruins of Ur
5.La fraude des siècles
6.Fallen king simulacrum
9.Howler in Darkness

Harkane "Fallen King Simulacrum"

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