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Gorgon 'Titanomachy'

Digipack CD (w/8page booklet)


This album was band's first release ever - as a new band, they decided to jump straight into a professional full-length production, instead of demoing for years. The album was raised back in 2015 with a crowdfunding campaign that went super successfully, despite the fact that the band was
totally new on the market, with 0 gigs or demo on the counter.

'Titanomachy' is a very refreshing release compared to the rest of French metal scene, and it allowed the band to grow pretty fast both in its homecountry and internationally, thanks to a very strong internet community & fanbase.

Mixed by Christoph Brandes (Finsterforst) and Mastered by Jens Bogren (Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgir, Amon Amarth...), on its release year 'Titanomachy' won many prizes as "Best debut album of the Year" for its top-notch quality production & songwriting maturity.

Released as a self-production & self-distribution in 2016 - all the copies went sold-out in less than 6 months, and no re-edition were done since: Signing with Dusktone was a perfect opportunity to release 'Titanomachy' officially with a real distribution and promotion, with a redesigned artwork, new packaging & more!

'Titanomachy' is a concept album based on the 100 years mythological war between Greek Gods and the Titans. It's a very epic Symphonic Death Metal record, with tons of melodic and bombastic moments, tainted with folk and balkanic influences. ( FFO: Turisas, Ensiferum, Stormlord, Amorphis...) 
25 octobre 2019

Artwork was created by renowned artist & mattepainter Alexandre Charleux (Rhapsody of Fire, Ubisoft)



1. Oros Othrys

2. Arising Thunderlord  

3. Valley of Redemption

4. Ashes and Blood

5. Titans Unleashed

6. Oracles

7. Everlasting Flame of Olympus

8. Elysium


Dusk059 | 8003981020380 | Release date: 25 October 2019

Gorgon 'Titanomachy'

€ 11,90Price
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