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Enthroning Silence "Throned upon ashes of dusk"

Enthroning Silence is one of the oldest depressive and melancholic black metal band from north of Italy featuring ex members of Mortuary Drape, Bhopal, Eroded, Voids of Vomit.

Enthroning Silence’ first 2002 album, ‘Unnamed Quintesence Of Grimness’ was released by cult german label Sombre Rec. Painiac Records put out the follow up, ‘A Dream Of Nightskies’, as a limited run of 500 copies in 2004. The following year Total Holocaust Records issued a CD format, restricted to 1000 copies.

In 2013 after a long 9/year silence the band finally presented a brand new album featuring completely unreleased six desolate tracks composed and arranged during the past ten years.

“Throned upon ashes of dusk” is about oppression and negativity, it’s a mournful, cruel and nihilistic opus bringing the listener to one of the most hypnotic audio experience of the modern black metal spectrum.


released December 25, 2013

Enthroning Silence "Throned upon ashes of dusk"

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