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Dekadent 'The Nemeal Ordeal'

. digipack CD (Deluxe, Gold engraved)


File : Atmospheric black metal


Atmospheric metal champions DEKADENT announced the release of their 5th full-length album titled via Dusktone.

More than four years since their last full-length offering, DEKADENT are now ready to unleash the aptly titled “THE NEMEAN ORDEAL”.

Following suit to their previous release, the Slovenes are walking down a darker and more difficult path.

To illustrate the album’s character, frontman Artur Felicijan noted that “It’s far heavier than our previous work, melody and composition-wise. I really wanted to go the extra mile with The Nemean Ordeal, to showcase what we’re capable of.”

Indeed, the album songs sound more complex and technically advanced, while still retaining that typical sound DEKADENT are known for. “The combination of gritty and darker elements with uplifting melodies really brought us on another level of musical atmosphere. It sounds quite epic and it is the first time I am so satisfied with the final result” added the band’s vocalist.

The album was being recorded in a long series of sessions throughout much of the past year as the band was busy honoring stages throughout Europe. The mastering duties were handled once again by Tryptikon/Dark Fortress fame V. Santura in his Woodshed Studio in Germany.

Dekadent is a ferocious, yet exquisite and ethereal black metal of unique kind.



1. Paean I.

2. Shepherd of Stars

3. Solar Covenant

4. Wanax Eternal

5. The Lavantine Betrayal

6. Escaping the Flesh so Adamant

7. The Nemean Ordeal (Death of a Lion)

Dekadent 'The Nemeal Ordeal'

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