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Cold Body Radiation 'Deer Twilight'

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File : Bleak Shoegaze Black Metal


After the high worldwide acclaimed debut album “The great white emptiness” Holland’s COLD BODY RADIATION is soon to release the second studio album “Deer Twillight” on fall 2011.

So hard to categorise, CBR is becoming a fiercely original reference in the so called post-bm shoegaze movement. The new seven compositions come with a pounding sound structure trying to flout all conventions of usual extreme metal audio structures.

‘Deer Twillight’ captures the cold season in all shades and lights. Winter provided a perfect backdrop for melancholy and inner turmoil. This is a personal journey looking for hope in bleak circumstances. Trying to capture the overwhelming beauty and despair of winter.




1. Deer Twillight

2. Make Believe

3. The night reveals

4. Shimmer

5. A change of pace

6. Concept of forever

7. Yes, maybe the stars

Cold Body Radiation 'Deer Twilight'

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