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Brisen "Shade of soul"


Digipack CD + Booklet

Release date : 18 March

Dusktone is very proud to announce the reissue of one of the most significant Italian albums from the so-called first wave of '90s black metal movement.


The eleven tracks, completely remastered, will be released in digipack CD + booklet on March 18th.


BRISEN was one of the most mysterious and significant Italian black metal bands of the early nineties.


Founded in 1990 under the name Dungeon, they changed the name to BRISEN after a couple of years and produced their first demo "Holocaust Sky" getting a huge not only in Italy. In 1995 they released the first and only full length album "Shade of Soul" which, with just a few elements, managed to create that malignantly dark and treacherous atmosphere that belongs exclusively to the operas created in that period, when black metal was not just a musical genre, but really an existential condition.


"Shade of Soul" is an album to be listened to and rediscovered, as a seminal testimony, not only by the new generations.

Brisen "Shade of soul"

€ 13,50Price
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