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Borgarting "Beist"

Release date : 14 July 2023

Four years after releasing their debut album, Far, this fall norwegian black metal offensive Borgarting is set to release their sophomore album, Beist.Recorded at legendary Toproom studios, the album is mixed and mastered by Børge Finstad.Borgarting draws inspiration from the 80’s and 90’s metal scene.

Their music is primal and monumental, rooted in Norwegian nature, Norse heritage and tradition. These influences are channeled into a raw and aggressive package on the album.Borgarting stomp their own path through the Norwegian Black Metal forest.

From their home, overlooking the mighty Mjøsa, comes a stream of primal, distinctive black metal. Impressions from nature and the nature of man, are channeled into music, respectfully nodding to history, while still remaining Borgarting.

Borgarting "Beist"

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