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Black Hate "Los tes Mundos"

This amazing release is presented as a limited deluxe digipack edition + slipcase & 8 page booklet.
In this brand new album BH explores themes of man's struggle with this relentless and all pervasive feeling. Do not miss it.

“Los Tres Mundos” will be doubless the most mature and intimate BLACK HATE’ album so far.
After more than one year of hard-work composition efforts, BLACK HATE created this ten-track potent brew of consuming vision.

Concept :

This is the first álbum where all my visions and Dreams comes in to reality, so far Im involved in to some Rare Events that Push me to the Madness… each of them comes to my mind in new knowledges, and after that I just wrote the lyrics and Music for this album.
We must prepare ourselves for the Massive destruction, massive Suicides, and massive Revelations, we must be prepared for the End, we must finish our self Existance.
We are in to the 3 Dimensions, and we are entering in to the 3 World Right now.
All my Visions will turn into reality…and the reality will come in something never imagine.

Album’ Composition

The composition of this album starts since October 2010, I just got in my Blood this sensation to make this Album, since the day that change my life and all my thoughts about perception and Life, 2011 it was the year for strong composition of “Los tres Mundos” and it takes from October 2010 to September 2011 to finally have the work already done

Why “Los Tres Mundos” ?

Los tres Mundos it’s a title that I would prefer to not explain, I would like my followers find the sense of the Title and the direction of the album, 


released June 10, 2012

Black Hate "Los tes Mundos"

€ 9,90Price
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