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Be Persecuted "I.I."

Finally available on vinyl version this seminal debut album of the first chinese extreme metal act.
CD version originally released by No Colours, Germany.

If you put on “I.I” and fast-forward to a random point in the album, you’ll probably be greeted with a relentless wall of atmospheric noise which carries a distinct feeling of drowning. Blastbeating drums and extremely harsh vocals are mixed low against buzzing, heavily distorted guitars. Unlike many recent depressive black metal releases, the human voice is not the primary focus of Be Persecuted’s sound. The instruments all work together to a sort of harmonious smothering effect. Often, the listener feels like he/she is underwater with the fuzzy yet razor-sharp guitars, hearing the rhythm section and vocals being played from above the surface. The result? A truly desolate vibe that, by the end of the second to last song, faces certain death with a smile.

This is a solid (if unspectacular) piece of suicidal black metal, the kind that will only reach a certain group of people already inclined to such nihilistic sounds. If you know exactly what to expect, I.I. is an album for you. Recommend it for solitary listening, introspection, and catharsis.


released February 10, 2011

Be Persecuted "I.I."

€ 13,50Price
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