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Acrosome "Dementia Praecox"

Acrosome is an oppressive entity coming from Ankara, Türkiye created by two shining souls D.A. & D.Y.

Since the very first spreads of the few promotional audio creations, this combo has got an huge and unexpected interest around. “Dementia Praecox” (dusk002mcd) will be the debut official release of Acrosome consisting of 8 tracks Mini-CD.

Solid bizarre structures of atmospheric sound clash bringing the listener to a new concept of freezing and dramatic post-Black Metal. Hard to categorize neatly, Acrosome aesthetic result is simply a slow vortex into the deepest hole of universe.
From the beginning, ACROSOME has searched for celebration that humankind has been through, examinated the reactions and reasons of the existance of the spiritual & mental structures.

2009 Winter / D.A. & D.Y

Since Acrosome followed up spiritual & mental materials that control the characterist structure of the humankind, it has had an hippocratic oath to solve the human psychology.
The individual difficulties & complications that life put on the humans’ shoulder under the name of “destiny” prevent them from healthy cognitive development but also develop a strong spirit and accurate logic.
Acrosome is nourishing the thoughts inside.

… just like a growing tumor in the hub of the universe….


released June 10, 2011

Acrosome "Dementia Praecox"

€ 5,90Price
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