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RUST | Italy



It was in the course of 2001 when Thordern, Loki and Hor started to play rough black metal under the name of Lesmathor. After their first demo " The dark goes on becomes stronger", they automatically reached to a different musical style, also metal oriented but with a more melodic and malinconic touch, that brought to a new monicker: October Rust. The band guided by a new spirit, began to work on new compositions, that sounded more introspective and even progressive reminding in some way opeth's first albums. The coming of new singer Eldran in 2003, brought to determinate in a better way the style of October Rust, resulting more death metal without omitting old black metal influences. A few months later the band entered a recording studio for the promo "Dusk Promenade" that will see the light in december 2004. Unfortunately personal factors led the singer to quit the band who decided to go on and look after a new singer to replace. Things got worse inside the band despite the efforts of finding a new frontman and so the band broke-up. A couple of years ago, former members of October Rust decided to do some rehearsals with the aim to resume the old project and asking someone of the skandinavian metal scene for a collaboration. The Band get in touch with several exponents from the scandinavian scene (Niklas Kvarfoth from Shining is one of them) but it didn't work given to several reasons. Even though they get downhearted, rehearsals continued and what came out was a little bit different and more immediate as the previous work since progressive elements were dropped off. This new found power brought the band to record the first album called "Urstoff" and to rename the old monicker simply in Rust. Instrumental parts had been recorded, but no singer already found despite incessant researches. Rust was forced to give up the idea of an external collaboration and get in touch with Jotun, singer and bass-player of Phenris and In Corpore Mortis who joined the band for the finalization of Urstoff. Working this way, Urstoff has been completed and mastered at the Hertz Studios in Warsaw in november 2015 where many metal bands from the mainstream and not have recorded and mastered at least one of their works. All the members of Rust play in other bands called Enisum, In Corpore Mortis, Phenris, Grave-T, solo projects and have all a great account of live experience on stage.

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