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NOCTU | Italy



Noctu was born as a solo-project during 2015, during the creation of unreleased songs, different from what had been done before.
Those songs formed the first EP, "Tempus Abire Tibi Est", released the following year by GS Productions, a Russian label interested in Funeral Doom and atmospheric Metal in general.

In 2017 the first album was released. "Illuminandi - Esoterica Illuminazione Ermetica" marks a greater emphasis of sound contaminations, between Black Metal and Dark Ambient, combined with the Funeral Doom structure, which makes the sound truly peculiar.

2 years pass, and in 2019 Noctu releases a self-produced compilation, "Compendium Mortis - A Compilation in Respect of Death", which contains some interesting songs, written extemporaneously recorded in different time periods.

In 2020 "Gelidae Mortis Imago" is released, second Full by Noctu and passage of the label, signing for Transcending Obscurity Records. This new album, originally recorded in 2018 and featuring the collaboration of Justin Hartwig (Mournful Congregation) for one of the songs, is released about 2 years late due to the continuing delays of the label. However, the problem did not affect the performance of the album, which receives many positive reviews, even from important webzines such as No Clean Singing. Noctu also gives some interviews, one of which is released in the number 96 of Zero Tolerance Magazine.

In 2021 Noctu self-produced a new EP, "Outlaw Doom - Sad Songs from Southern Europe". This production is very important for Noctu, because it is dedicated to the memory of his paternal grandfather, a very important figure in his life.
To pay homage to his late grandfather, Noctu incorporates new elements into his sound. The idea for this new production comes directly from his grandfather's greatest passion, western movies.
Inspired by great composers such as Ennio Morricone and country artists such as Willie Nelson and Alan Jackson, Noctu creates an unconventional sound blend.
This EP also contains a particular cover of Johnny Cash's song "Ain't No Grave".

During the same year, Noctu works on the realization of the third album. Starting from an unused riff, dating back to the production of the first album, Noctu creates 4 new tracks (plus intro and outro) that further expand the boundaries between musical genres. A mix of Funeral Doom, Black Metal, Dark Ambient and cinematic atmospheres. Once again something unique and special.
"Norma Evangelium Tenebris" is ready to open the doors of a new hell in music. With the support of Dusktone.

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