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The project started as a Noise/Death/Black Metal outfit in 1997 and in the first years a rehearsal demo was recorded only for live-booking purposes.

After ten years the direction and the line-up became more experimental, new drone/ambient frequencies were added to the sound and live performances were cut to only some rituals in some niche festivals.
In the summer of 2013 a series of jam-rehearsals were recorded in a cabin in Retezat Mountains and processed in DSP Studio with Lukinich Atilla(Implant pentru refuz, Alexandrina Hristov,Teo Milea) and the collective invited Altheea (ex. Fogland) to add her voice, resulting a disturbing piece of kraut-rock, ritual doom/psychedelic drone, far from the group's initial roots.

After seven years of silence, with a new line-up, Cursed Cemetery returned in a rather modern sound-wise fashion, all material being recorded, mixed and mastered in Consonance Studios (Dordeduh, Methadone Skies, Ordinul Negru) under the close surveillance of Andrei Jumuga, and now the group is looking also to return seriously on the live front in the following period.

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