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Taur-Im-Duinath 'Del Flusso Eterno'

. Jewel Case CD

. Canvas Box (limited to 50 copies)


File : Atmospheric black metal


“Del Flusso Eterno” is a spiritual journey embracing the circularity of the Universe and its forces of destruction and creation.
The human condition, spiritually barren, is represented by a waste land. Facing an eternal winter, men hinder the rebirth of a new cycle of life. Negating motion and changes, an unnatural stillness takes hold of body and spirit. We lack the energy and the will to break this staticity.
But hope is not forlorn, there is only to kindle the embers and set aflame the pyre.

A sacrifice is needed to return to the Earth, to re-ensablish the long forgotten link to Macrocosm.
We have to lose ourselves, sacrifice ourselves to ourselves. Sublimating our identity in the Infinity we may reborn.






Così Parlò il Tuono

Del Flusso Eterno


Il Mare dello Spirito

Ceneri e Promesse


Taur-Im-Duinath 'Del Flusso Eterno'

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