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Grisatre "L’idée De Dieu"

The long awaited full lenght album for the french act Grisâtre finally released. After two acclaimed split albums here comes “L’idée De Dieu”, six unreleased tracks of pure bleaky black metal at its best.

Grisâtre is a project of ambient / atmospheric Black metal founded in 2006 by Rokkr. At the beginning Grisâtre had no vocation to become a project which was going to evolve, it was simply a release researching for feelings that shall transcend the perception. But after some encouragements and propositions, Rokkr decided to propose its music to those who wanted to take time to listen to..
Grisâtre produces a music aiming at the call of the feelings which take to the reflexion, to the discovery of an unconscious occult knowledge, it’s also a personal representation of visions, perceptions. A vision Artistically metaphysical.. Grisâtre is an idea (Conceptually).


released July 15, 2010

Grisatre "L’idée De Dieu"

€ 9,90Price
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