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Ego Dephts "Dýrtangle"

Album: Dyrtangle - name comes from an imaginary world and being a play of words, cannot be translated correctly through words. However, dyr is "a beast" in Old Norse language, and "tangle", its English roots, sends us to "entanglement". So litterally, but not even close enough, it means "in rough embrace of the beast". Some similar notes may be found in coming of Indian Buddhism to Tibet, transforming the "beasts" or so-called "evil, wrathful deities" into the guardian of the fused, new Tibetan Buddhism.
I may be talking with hungry and evil spirits, negotiating the aspects of the life and debating about its laws and principles, however, it may sound silly from aside (well, you may exclude it).

Besides the traditional instruments, like guitar, bass and drums, I use different styles of vocals, including growl, screaming, whispers and clean tone, but as well I try to employ throat singing, which "Dyrtangle will contain a lot. Chanting, beside the growls and overall extreme funeral doom metal ambience, I believe creates something new. Something, that has not been explored before. I would better fail at creating something original, than succeed at imitating something existed before (Herman Melville quote, actually, my another big inspiration, but in literature. the way he had written his "The Whale" is unbelievable).


Ego Depths: has been found in 2007 under a prime influence of Unholy (Fin) and Urna (Ita), in order to create the darkest and most unconventional music. With years, new influences were coming and leaving, however the main one remained - Unholy. Despite the fact that a lot of opinions I heard on comparison ED to Esoteric or Evoken, I discovered these two bands slightly later, than I did with Unholy/Dolorian/Thergothon, so I may consider the Finnish scene as my main and only starter. However, I adore everything, what Esoteric and Evoken do and have all their records in collection (LPs and CDs).
My second main and the only inspiration lies in Ancient Tibet and Mongolia. I constantly study new books on any topic that concerns western tibet or any part or eastern asia, and of course it cannot avoid influencing me in creation of music, incorporation of elements that were not used before in metal (especially doom metal), discovering more than with just reading. I explore the world with imagination, boosted by science and mysticism, shamanism and theology, through music.




1. Angleshifter

2. Wheel of transmigration

3. The Onward tide

4. Awakening of Gshin – Rje, The Lord of Death

5. Vitrification, ineludible meditation

Ego Dephts "Dýrtangle"

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