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"The Bishop of Hexen" was formed in late 1994 in Ramat-Hasharon, Israel. In 1995, the band entered the studios to record its debut demo tape: "Ancient Hymns of Legends & Lore", The demo tape got extremely good response from the worldwide underground metal scene and was completely sold out at 450 copies. Numerous record labels where interested in signing the band for a record deal and finally "The Bishop of Hexen" signed with "HammerHeart Productions" for one full length album opus. In July 1996 the band entered the studios once again, and released its full-length album in April 1997, entitled: "Archives of an Enchanted Philosophy", presenting 8 tracks of the most emotional, atmospheric &melodic black-metal art ever released. In 2004, after seven years of silence, "The Bishop of Hexen" rejoined once again and recorded a promo CD, entitled "Unveil the Curtain of Sanity". The promo contained 4 new tracks of Atmospheric Melodic Black Metal in its highest degree. The promo CD was highly appraised by record labels & magazines around the metal scene. In early 2005, "The Bishop of Hexen" has signed with the Austrian metal label "CCP Records" and in June 2006 a Second Full Length Album entitled: "The Nightmarish Compositions" was released and was nominated to be one of the best and most creative Symphonic Black Metal albums of the year 2006 by many metal magazines and audiences. In 2009, two tracks from “The Bishop of Hexen” "The Nightmarish Compositions" album, entitled: "The Somber Grounds of Truth" and "A Serpentine Crave" were handpicked to be featured in the highly praised "Brutal Legend" video game soundtrack (Starring movie actor Jack Black as voice over). The game has sold over 1.4 million copies worldwide. The impressive soundtrack - includes multiple famous metal bands such as Motorhead, Judas Priest, Dio, Manowar, Slayer and many more. Participating in the "Brutal Legend" video game has gained "The Bishop of Hexen" a vast exposure to hundreds of thousands of new listeners and fans and lifted the band to a new level of awareness amongst the metal scene. In 2011 "The Bishop of Hexen" parted ways with "CCP records", set to find a new record label worthy of the band`s creative Symphonic Black Metal. In early 2012 "The Bishop of Hexen" has released a promo cd entitled "A Ceremony at the Edge of a Burning Page…". In March 2015 "The Bishop of Hexen" has released an exclusive sample track from the upcoming album, entitled: “A Thousand Shades of Slaughter”. . discography: • "Ancient Hymns of Legends & Lore" Demo 1996 • "Archives of an Enchanted Philosophy" Full-length 1997 • "Unveil the Curtain of Sanity" EP 2004 • "The Nightmarish Compositions" Full-length 2006 • "A Ceremony at the Edge of a Burning Page" EP 2012

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